A Rising Tide Lifts All Boats


It is with great relief that I can say this,…. but the new look Dynan Opticians is almost complete! In case you aren’t aware, the whole team (especially yours truly) has been beavering away for the last few months to bring you the new improved practice.

I had looked into a practice refurbishment maybe 8 years ago, but when I was getting ready for major upheaval and for the many challenging design decisions the financial world, and therefore every business on the planet went crazy. The credit crunch had arrived with a bang. You’ll remember the nightly news headlines for weeks with worldwide banks going to the wall and government bail outs. Recession followed and so the cheque book got put away and the shop refit was mothballed and like every other business out there it was heads down and just get on with things.

Fast forward to November 2017 and we had a very significant birthday at Dynan Opticians – the practice celebrated its 20th anniversary!

No mean feat especially if you read the statistics around the percentage of businesses who fail to see their first, fifth or tenth year. We are a small successful percentage of a percentage apparently. Then the staff would say that too, we’ve survived the ups and downs of the whole recession mindset due to our attention to the basics: highly desireable product, and excellent attention to customer service. The missing link? We were still providing all this in the original surroundings of 1997 and staff and clients alike deserved something better. So I was determined to get those practice refurbishment plans  down from the shelf and we got incredibly busy over the Christmas period to deliver the new improved Dynan Opticians.

In truth I think those interim years actually helped – sure, I’d longer to work out how the aesthetics might be brought up to date and we’re certainly a lot more modern with brighter, cleaner materials and finishes. But we’ve also rearranged the layout to better serve our clients on their journey through from arrival, pre-screen, eye exam, dispensing and collection of new specs. It all flows better and our super excited staff can now spend more time with you in a better space that we’ve created to make sure our attention to detail is spot on.

The expertise. The ambience. The added value.  The patient journey. The whole experience is now better.

Anyway, this week should see the last touches of the launch of Dynan Opticians 2.0. And you know, something funny happens in the act of a relaunch. The aphorism ‘a rising tide lifts all boats’ really is true. The very act of talking with your team and measuring  the metrics of self improvement stirs things up a bit. The desire to succeed and take care of clients old and new, to lift the limits on how well we find solutions to your problems… its all we’re talking about as a team. We are determined more than ever now in our new look, new layout, to be the best version of what we can be.

Come and see for yourself. Or even better, book yourself and those loved ones that eye exam you’ve been putting off. You’ll be delighted that you did!